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Testing Levels

Pony Club has a comprehensive program of education and testing of riding skills and horse knowledge.


Members begin at Level 'E' and work their way up to A through theory and riding tests.

Moving up the levels can take from 1 year to several years to complete.             


New Members are 

 considered E Level

The ‘D’ levels are comparable to Primary School, ‘Cs’ to High School, and ‘Bs’ to College with the ‘As’ as graduate school.

Parts of the Test

1. Written - completed several weeks prior to the next phases (typically arranged by our own club)

2. Stable Management - unmounted test of knowledge (*tested by visiting examiner) 

3. Riding - flat, jumping and cross-county riding based on level (*tested by visiting examiner) 

* Testing Fee is applicable

Members MUST have attended 60% of education sessions to qualify for testing

Additional Details can be found on the Canadian Pony Club Website here


Badge Program

Medical Arm Band (Must be worn to ALL pony club events regardless of whether they are mounted)


Books:               1. United States Pony Club D Manual                2. British Manual of Horsemanship


Information on books can be found on the Canadian Pony Club website, where individuals may purchase books and other supplies through sites like Amazon.

Details for the required reading & books can found on the Canadian Pony Club website here.

Members of any level can participate in this program.  There are over 50 badges, which the member may earn by creating a project, demonstrating special skills or by making a presentation to the rest of the Branch members.  This is strictly a non-competitive activity and badges may be earned as a small group or as an individual.


It is the responsibility of the rider to bring forward the signed badge sheets to demonstrate their achievement. 


Badges will be given out at the annual achievement banquet. Additional badge information can be found here.

Beginner Badge Sign-off Sheets

Senior Badge Sign-off Sheets

Regional Events

Entrance is voluntary to these competitions.


Requirements of Member & Parents for all events:

  1. Member MUST have attended 60% of education sessions to attend Regional events.

  2. Parents

    1. Forms filled out and payment received by due date

    2. 1 volunteer is required for all Regional events (It is the parents’ responsibility to provide an alternate volunteer and coordinate arrangements if they themselves are unable to attend)


There are 6 riding disciplines in Pony Club; each can have activities and competitions at varying skill levels at the branch, regional, national and even international level.

Entry Forms and Results can be found on the Western Ontario Pony Club website here

Non Compulsory Discipline Competitions:

Tetrathlon - a four phase competition includes running, swimming, shooting (air pistols at targets) & riding


Show Jumping - A horse & rider going over a course of knock down jumps with accuracy and speed.  Beginning division at 18”Cross Rails.  


Dressage is the ‘ballet’ of the horse world, with horse exercising a series of prescribed movements with precision and grace. (No jumping involved).


Rally is the same as Horse Trials or 3 Day Eventing, with rider and horse completing three phases: Dressage, Cross Country and Stadium (like Show Jumping, above).   As well, riders and helpers are also scored on their stable management skills.  D-Rally is for D level riders (A/B/C Rally for those levels).  Riders may get help from other members with grooming etc. but parents and coaches are not permitted other than for items like holding horses etc. which have no direct bearing on the competition.  Team horsemanship awards will be given. Non-riding members are encouraged to attend as part of the team.


Prince Philip Games (PPG) is a program of teams of riders doing relay-type games on horseback. PPG is for riders up to 15 years old, but there are also Masters Games for PPG graduates.


LeTrec is as a form of orienteering on horseback and involves knowledge of terrain, and an understanding of map reading. TREC is designed to test a horse/rider combination through a whole range of activities, combining elements of trail riding with horsemanship skills and flatwork. Riders must be D level or higher and be able to ride independently.


Quiz - is the only non-riding competitive event at Pony Club, and is a test of knowledge at the E, D, C, and AB levels.  Quiz is held at the Regional, National and International levels. Members MUST have attended 60% of education sessions to attend.

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