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While "feeding the need" for horses, our members will have experiences that build Loyalty, Character and Sportsmanship, as well as developing skills like teamwork, leadership, healthy interpersonal communication, respect for authority, organization, personal discipline, compassion and goal setting. Pony Club prepares youth not only for good horsemanship but also offers the environment to become capable and productive citizens. At its higher levels, PC offers kids the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally in their sport as ambassadors for their clubs and Canada, broadening their worldview and creating global citizens with friendships spanning the world.


Whether your goal is competitive or simply fun with horses, Pony Club's group learning based program will offer the support and encouragement of others while providing introduction to the major horse sports (Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Games) and to solid horsecare education, preparing your child to pursue any path they choose into successful equestrianism.


Pony Club, through its partnering with local barns and stables, makes horsemanship accessible. Whether you are already a horse owner seeking to improve your skills and knowledge, a horsecrazy youth or a parent looking for opportunities for your horsecrazy child to interact with horses, Pony Club is for you


Anyone, ages 6+, who wants to learn more about horses, riding, and horse care.  They have an opportunity to learn leadership and teamwork, make many new friends, and understand their responsibility as horse owners and/or riders.


Branch, we are the local Windsor-Essex Pony club

Region, comprised of many branches in Western Ontario (WOR)

National, Canadian Pony Club includes the whole country (CPC)

International, 20 countries around the world creating opportunities for International Exchanges & games



1. $200 per year (includes National, Regional, and Club Fee) 

    ($180 for each additional family member)


2. You must have joined the Ontario Equestrian provincial Horse Federation and provide proof of membership to complete your registration (approx. $60).                              


In addition, you will purchase textbooks and pay entry fees to optional Regional shows, clinics, and field trips.


Riding lessons are not included and should be coordinated with the instructor of your choice.

Registration Requirements

1. Fill out registration form from Canadian Pony Club

2. Current Ontario Equestrian Federation membership 

3. Submit payment and documentation to

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